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We are selling SOLAR MOBILE CHARGER for Rs. 250/= per unit & HAND CRANKED SOLAR RADIO for Rs. 380/= per unit (per piece) in Bulk Order of min. 1,000 Units per order.

Invest in BHARAT SOLAR ENERGY? Investment size must be min. 30 lakhs INR for a 10% stake in Bharat Solar Energy (BSE).


We, at Bharat Solar Energy (BSE) can supply the following Solar Products for our clients as of now:


Solar Panel, Online Inverters, Solar LED Lights, Solar Power Generators, Solar Fridges, Solar Fan, PLUG & PLAY SOLAR HOME POWER SYSTEM, Solar Air Conditioner (SOLAR AC), Wind Solar HYBRID System, SOLAR THERMAL POWER SYSTEM, Solar Back-up System, Solar Street Lights, Solar Boiler, Solar Cap, Solar Mobile Charger, Solar Home Light SystemSolar Refrigerator FreezerSolar Cooker, Solar Water Heater, Solar Agricultural Pump, Solar Torch, Solar Lamps, Solar Photovoltaic Pumps, Solar Battery, Portable Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, etc.


We would like to introduce to you the widest and the largest range of solar solutions such as Solar Street lights, Lanterns,Solar Inverters, Home Lighting Systems, Off Grid & Rooftop Solar Plant,Solar Hybrid AC,Solar Water Pumps, Mobile Chargers,Charge Controllers,Solar Water heaters, Solar Fans,Solar Garden Lights etc provided by our organization at the most competitive prices available. 


The above solutions find use in Homes, Schools, Villages, Hospitals, and Commercial Buildings which can be used for Street lighting, Hoarding/Billboard Lighting, Basic Lighting for villages in the form of Solar Lanterns and Mobile Chargers & also for running our AC/DC appliances.

Our product portfolio has Rooftop Wind Turbines and Solar Panel Solution, Solar Lantern, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Water Pump, solar street light and solar water heating system, solar cooker to end user. BHARAT SOLAR ENETGY's Chosen Suppliers are the national leader in providing Clean Renewable Energy to Homeowners, Corporate's, Schools, Defense, Banks, NGO's, Non-profits and Government Organizations.



Bharat Solar Energy has tied up with Solar partners in India for installation and commissioning of its single AXIS Tracking System. The tracking system could generate up to 30% more power compared to the fixed system. Some of the features and benefits of Bharat Solar Energy tracking system are: Efficient Design with the range of motion from -45 to +45 degrees from zenith and Wind Stowing for higher wind speeds and Backtracking to avoid shadow.

Other more Popular Solar Products are:


Solar Water Pumping. 100% solar powered air conditioner (UNIQUE), solar lighting outdoor & indoor, fridges and freezers by solar/gas/kerosene/battery, solar radio, solar mp3, solar mp4, solar generators, solar road studs, solar traffic control & traffic signals, solar warning lamps, marine lamps, aircraft lamps, flexible solar water heaters for swimming pools, solar pumps, solar TV systems, solar desktop wireless phones, barricade lamps, laptop chargers, photovoltaic flexible solar panels, solar billboard illumination, solar street lamps, solar advertising systems, solar wireless alarm and intruder detector, solar showers, solar water jets, solar water fountains and water oxygenators, solar ventilators, solar exhaust fans, Dc energy saving ceiling fans, etc.

Our Solar Products prices are as below (Your One time investment in Lifetime, no monthly bill, no black-out):


Solar Air Conditioner is still expensive as it requires 1.5KW Solar Panels. It will cost you Rs. 2,70,000/=.

Solar Television= 22,000 INR


Solar BLDC Ceiling Fan=  2,350 INR

Solar Light= 1,600 INR

Solar Water Heater=1=  25,000 INR



Bharat Solar Energy can also supply you encloser for installation RMV 11KV Plus Trafo 1000KV/ 1600KV and

Inverter encloser to be installed in insulated Room/Container. 


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