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Sample Price For 1 Unit is @Rs. 15,000/=. From 10 Units P/O Price is @Rs. 11,500/= Per Unit. For 50 Units Price is @8,500/= Per Unit. For a Bulk Order from 100 Units the Price will be @Rs. 9,500/= Per Unit (Dealer Price). VAT & Delivery Cost Extra! Warranty: Free component level repair upto 5 years (Terms Apply). Note that the above price doesn't include Actuator, Battery, Solar Panels, etc. It's an ELECTRONIC DEVICE which drives the Actuator - thereby moving the panel in accordance with direction of SUN from East to West. It means this Device follows the Sun Direction to get max. Solar Energy.

Solar Tracker:
The Single Axis Solar Tracker is based on an internal dynamic calculation of the solar sunrise and sunset time using the current real‐time and date from its inbuilt RTC. After this data is achieved, it calculates the target angle of the panel and controls the actuator load to
achieve this angle. This control action is repeated for every
specific time interval from sunrise to sunset. Note that this unit
does not depend on the time the actuator is ON but instead tends to
turn the panel to the correct angle. This ensures that even if there
is any deviation of the panel angle at any point of time due to
external intervention OR through the manual mode of the unit, the
unit will recover the panel automatically in the next control cycle.
The LCD display shows the various important parameters like Time,
Date, Target ‐angle/Target time,etc.( discussed in the next
section). The unit also provides setting of various parameters to the
user through four keys on the front panel thus making the unit
extremely flexible and can be adapted by the

userfor different environments much easily. 

The inbuilt charger in the tracker unit is based on a three stage charging protocol which involves a boost stage, a equilisationstage
and finally after the battery is completely charged, a trickle charge
stage. If the battery is detected to fall below a low battery
threshold, the output to the tracker load (actuator) is automatically
disconnected and if sufficient PV voltage is present the boost charge
stage is initiated. This quickly replenishes the energy to the
battery without overcharging it by continuously monitoring the
charging voltage and current to the battery. The equalization stage
is introduced to give the battery sufficient energy after the peak
voltage is achieved. Here the charging current is monitored until it
drops to 0.01C of the battery. Now the battery is fully charged and
the trickle stage is initiated. This ensures that the battery is
continuously kept in a charged state and internal losses are

Specifications of Solar Tracker:  
1. Tracker
principle: controls azimuth angle according to astronomical sun
2. Tracking :
single tracker 3. Size : 170mm x
4. Input voltage :

5. Enclosure :
IP65 ABS grade.
6. Termination :
IP65 graded ABS glands – 3 nos.
7. Output : 12V
output to actuator up to 20A load.
8. Resolution :
0.1 degrees.
9. tracker :
settable up to +/‐ 60 degrees.
10. Control action :
automatic closed loop using inbuilt inclinometer for angle feedback
11. Display : 16
x2 alphanumeric LCD display
12. Timing :
Inbuilt using highly accurate RTC with independent battery backup.
13. Accuracy : <
+/‐1 degrees.
14. Safety features
: a. Reverse polarity protection

b. Over current protection for Load (internal resettable fuse)

c. Voltage spike suppression.

d. over current drain protection against mechanical failure of the

** The unit has an
inbuilt time limit for the on time of the actuator fixed at
approximately 2.5 minutes.
This is to ensure
that if the actuator fails to move the panel to the required target
angle for more than
2.5 minutes, the
unit turns off the actuator load to preserve battery life and
indicates “mech failure” for
3 seconds on the LCD
display before skipping to the next target angle. 

1. Input: Photovoltaic (PV) Panel or equivalent DC voltage source
2. Output: To
12V,7.5AH Sealed Lead acid Battery

3. Charging
protocol: 3-stage intelligent CV/CC charging profile
4. Boost
Voltage: 14.4V DC
5. Boost current
limit: 1.0A
6. Equalisation
voltage: 14.4V
7. Equalization
threshold current: 0.01C (0.07A)
8. Trickle
voltage: 13.5V
9.Trickle current
limit: 0.4A
10.Low battery
threshold: 10.8V

We are also exporting Anemometer-Speed  & Direction of Wind to USA, India etc for Tracking Device of Solar Power, WindPower, ThermalPowerGeneration, Tower Cranes, Ladders on Vehicles equipped specially, Bridges Elevator and other Industrial purpose. We have reserved Test report of various public institutions including Meteorology&delivery performance of the various companies. Despite the bad weather environment, we were already  improved by the public institutions to be a Zero failure Rate  
and we are the meteorological environment professional venture enterprise   which  accomplished standardization and Specification.  

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